How do we connect the projector to an Apple / Mac laptop or machine

There are several ways to connect an Apple / Mac machine to a projector.

1) VGA Adapter

Most projectors come with a VGA port / interface for displaying the video content from a laptop. Apple / Mac laptops do not have a VGA port and instead come with DVI / Mini DVI / Micro DVI ports as the video interface. However, Apple sells adapter devices to connect these interfaces to a VGA port of the projector.

Here are links of these adapter devices based on the interface available on your Apple / Mac Laptop:

In Apple stores in Mumbai / India, these devices cost around Rs 2000 or more.

This is also the best way to connect an Apple / Mac machine to an external display device such as a projector.

2) HDMI Interface

Another way to connect an Apple machine is through an HDMI port. However, basic / lower-end projectors may not have an HDMI interface available. Most LCD / LED TVs have an HDMI port available as a connecting interface.

3) USB Interface

A third connection method is the USB interface. Epson projectors, that we at Icon Computer Services carry, have this option available. However, USB connections being slow in speed are good for still presentations (powerpoint, images, etc.). USB connections cannot optimally handle videos due to high frame rate.

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