Screen Rent

IMPORTANT: Screen rental price is determined by the location where the screen/projector rental service is required. The rental of the screen is on a per day basis (and not on a per hour basis).

All Screen rental prices include delivery and pick-up of the screen. All screens come with tripod stands.

Screen rental prices are bundled with projector rental prices. If you are looking to rent only a screen (without a projector), the prices are double of those quoted below.

The sizes (in feet, height X width) and their rental cost with the projector are as follows:

1) 4 X 6 (Recommended Up to 50 Viewers) - Rs 300 (Rs. 1000

Without Projector)

2) 5 X 7 
(Recommended Up to 100 Viewers) - Rs 500 (Rs. 1200 Without Projector)

3) 6 X 8  (Recommended Up to 400 Viewers)- Rs 1000 | Custom Screen with Masking - Rs 3000

4) 8 X 10 Custom Screen with Masking - Rs 3500

5) 9 X 12 Custom Screen with Masking - Rs 4500

Tripod Screen
(Only Front Projection possible)
Custom Screen with Masking
(Rear & Front Projection possible)